3 Minute Survey

As we gather data for our ad hoc committees to review, we would really appreciate SVTV supporters to respond to this survey.  Either by completing the survey online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DF8P2SP

Or emailing our Station Liaison (at: TwinkleManning@gmail.com) your responses to the following questions.


SURVEY TOPIC: Community Media in Central Maine

* What top three things do you most want to be informed about in our community? For example: Televised Town Meetings, Locally Produced Talk Shows, PSAs informing residents about local non-profits and events.
* On a Scale from 1-5, (5 being very important, and 1 being not very important at all) how important is it to you to have transparency in government by having access to Televised Town Meetings? (including online archives accessible via streaming, youtube, vimeo or other similar internet video methods)
* What are some themes you would like to see Locally Produced Shows focused on? For example: interviews with non-profits; cooking shows, physical fitness demonstrations, interviews with local residents, businesses and artists, etc.  Please list what ever kinds of content you wish to see on local community television.
* What kinds of PSAs (Public Service Announcements) would you like to see offered via television, internet, print and radio media outlets. For example: local events calendars, local business and non-profit information, hunter-safety tips, self-defense and home-safety tips, financial tips, etc. Please list any kind of PSA you would like to have available.

Calling All Nonprofits in Central Maine

Non-profits in the Central Maine Region, if you have an existing high quality video PSA that showcases your Non-profit organization and would like to have it included on our station to increase your outreach to our community, please email our Station Liaison: TwinkleManning@gmail.com for more information.

Are you a skilled video producer?

Are you a skilled video producer? Do you have an independent/freelance service that you already offer in Central Maine? We would love to hear from you as we are gathering together skilled professionals in our area who may be interested in any of the following:
– joining our advisory board;
– being part of our team offering video production training classes;
– being a freelance television producer for local projects.
Please contact us!


Have you ever wanted to learn how to produce TV?

Are you interested in learning the skills to produce a local television show? Over the next year, we will be rolling out a training schedule that helps those living and working in the Central Maine Region do just so! To get on our mailing list to receive updates about trainings as they are scheduled, please email your contact information to our Station Liaison at: TwinkleManning@gmail.com

Waterville Film Festival embraces SVTV Station Liaison

Last night as part of the Maine International Film Festival (MIFF) activities, SVTV Station Liaison “Twinkle” Marie Manning was one of the featured PechaKucha (PKWaterville25) speakers. She spoke of the enormous community and economic development benefits municipalities gain by supporting PEG Stations and Media Centers. She spoke of creativity and the power of following one’s dreams! She also let residents know that they are already paying for a station to exist in their community, whether or not their towns have one or not.


Collaboration is the Way!

We are grateful to be part of an energetic and collaborative group of PEG TV station managers and producers throughout Central Maine 🎬🎥📺 Collaborations like this are what will help the SVTV project thrive!

Please Stand By…

We are in the process of creating a Regional Television Station. This will take some time and we appreciate your patience. To help expedite the process, local volunteers are needed! We are at the beginning stages of advisory council formation and are seeking individuals in our region who have experience in media production, grant writing, publicity and marketing. Having at least one person from each of these areas of expertise who has time to dedicate to helping us set and achieve our goals will ensure the successful launch of SVTV this year!
**Independent television producers seeking outlets for their projects are also welcome to contact us right away. We look forward to sharing your work with our community and with the world!
***Those wishing to learn the skills specifically to record and edit local meetings, artistic performances and sporting events to air on SVTV, please contact us – we will be having a meeting for such ones this winter.
****Those with great “show ideas” but do not yet have the skills to create such shows – we do appreciate your creativity and ask that you hold onto your ideas for just a little while longer. We will soon announce our upcoming classes and workshops where you can acquire the skills to make your dream show into reality. As well as networking opportunities for those who wish to “host” shows can be matched with independent producers who may be able to work with them.
Thank you all for your enthusiasm. And, please stay tuned! **

Introducing SVTV

Welcome to SVTV.  We are an emerging community television, media and communications station serving the Sebasticook Valley and Central Maine Region in the State of Maine.

Over the next several months as we envision what PEG and Community television can evolve into in Central Maine,  we will be gathering together our ad hoc regional advisory board who will help shape and shepherd the launch of SVTV in our region.

Those who have media backgrounds and skills in television production are asked to reach out to us.  Also individuals experienced in marketing, grant writing, publicity and public relations will be assets to our advisory board.

Please email:

“Twinkle” Marie Manning, SVTV Station Liaison


This will be a “build from where we are and grow from there” project.

We look forward to nurturing this project over the next several years during its infancy stages and are eager to discover what we can build together with the communities we serve.