Video of Public Forum at Pittsfield Public Library

We had a full house at Pittsfield Public Library last night. Many positive comments and enthusiasm for bringing CMMA’s services to Pittsfield and the Sebasticook Valley Region. The Panel discussion is at the beginning, followed by a vibrant Q&A session with attendees. It’s cool to note that we even had children in the audience who are eager to be part of this! Thank you to everyone who came out to support this project! We look forward to continuing to engage with our community and discover how best to support this region with our skills and expertise. Thanks to our Farmington station for recording and live-streaming this event for CMMA. One of the many benefits of our Alliance is the sharing of tools and technology!


Great News from Hawaii where Channel Slamming is Not Allowed!

Our PEG Media siblings in Hawaii have demonstrated to us that with diligence, transparency, and public engagement, justice in our industry can prevail.  The channel slamming by Charter/Spectrum is happening nationally and we are hearing more stories of justice being upheld in various regions and states.  Below is the recent success in Hawaii. We are mounting similar efforts here in Maine and throughout our New England Region to ensure our citizens’ rights to access local media is secured.

The ‘Ōlelo Channels Are NOT Moving


Job Posting: Freelance Backpack Producers

Job Summary

Central Maine Media Alliance is looking for Freelance Backpack Producers who have experience shooting sports and other community events.

Location: throughout Central Maine.

Freelance Backpack Producers are to attend live events and capture and live-stream footage to our broadcast standards.

Basic video editing is required. Knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro software.

We pay on a per event basis. Candidates must have their own transportation.

Central Maine Media Alliance provides all equipment.

Experience preferred, training is available.  

Please submit cover letter and resume to:

Questions: Call (207) 778-8146 or email

Job Type: Per Diem

Salary: $50.00 to $150.00 per event

The Collaboration Continues!

What a wonderful consulting session with the amazing Jessica Laliberte yesterday!  Jessica is a Media Relations Specialist who puts her years of experience as a television journalist and later lobbyist to use to help clients improve their communication skills. Her dynamic personality and professional experience are backed with a passion to make a difference and help others. We are grateful to welcome her to our team!

(pictured above Vic Cormier, Jessica Laliberte, JP Fortier, Laura Guite, and “Twinkle” Marie Manning)

JP Fortier is the Executive Director of Central Maine Media Alliance (CMMA), “Twinkle” Marie Manning is its Development Director. Vic Cormier is Assistant to the Director, and Laura Guite is the CMMA Marketing Director. This team, along with their Board of Directors, Advisory Councils and Consultants are bringing broadcast quality media and television to Central Maine.

Exciting Merger Announcement

We are delighted to share that the SVTV project has merged with Central Maine Media Alliance (CMMA), a Maine-based non-profit organization. This allows the ability to provide community media and Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) services to municipalities in Sebasticook Valley.

Central Maine Media Alliance is a regional media and PEG access network of stations based in Farmington, with satellite member locations growing throughout Central Maine. Originally Mt Blue TV, now newly named as Central Maine Media Alliance, this thriving station is a model for PEG media at statewide and national levels as it proactively answers the call to provide broadcast quality content and innovative media strategies that will ensure the existence of viable PEG programming throughout our region, even in the most challenging of economic times. This station has been in operation for almost two decades (incorporated in March of 2001), with its Executive Director, JP Fortier at the helm since 2000. The merger of stations allows the streamlining of efforts, pooling of resources, efficient use of the existing media professionals and their talents in the merged stations, and creates jobs throughout our region.  

It is a win/win situation for everyone involved, most especially the municipalities and the residents they serve.

“Twinkle” Marie Manning, the SVTV Station Liaison to-date, has been a pivotal leader in the collaborative efforts that have taken place throughout 2017 and into 2018 with other media leaders throughout Central Maine, the culmination of which is the creation of Central Maine Media Alliance.  Twinkle’s seasoned skills will be a valuable asset to the station as she will be leading our engagement efforts to municipalities in our community as our Director of Development, including essential negotiations with Cable Companies. She will also be a primary producer for several of our television programs and public events.

The Sebasticook Valley Regional Ad Hoc Advisory Council will also continue to be a tremendous asset to the station as they offer keen insights and advice on how best to serve their Pittsfield and Greater Sebasticook Valley Region.

We look forward engaging with the towns throughout our region as we bring the highest quality service possible to compliment their economic development strategies while enhancing outreach and community building.

More details will be posted to the website soon!

Do you want to host a TV Show?

Do you live or work in Sebasticook Valley?

Would you like to host a television talk show that focuses on some aspect of your community?

Contact our Station Liaison today!

Please place in subject of email: SV TV Talk Show Host

And include a description about the kind of show you would like to see produced for our Central Maine Region!

Maine International Film Festival PKWaterville25

For those who missed seeing this live, here is the link to Development Director and Station Liaison “Twinkle” Marie Manning’s guest appearance where she spoke about the importance of PEG Media and the reality that, “You are already paying for a PEG station to exist in your community…whether or not your town or region is supporting it with the monies they receive each year from the cable companies!”



We are happy to be part of an extended network of PEG stations throughout Maine who are working to protect the rights of all residents in our beautiful State. At this time when Channel Slamming seems imminent, we invite all our municipalities in the Central Maine region to sign the open letter to Charter making a formal request that Charter delay making channel changes until the Legislature can address it next year. For more information on how you can get local elected officials, legislators, town managers, non-profits and other stakeholders involved in this process to ensure your community’s voice is heard and all citizens rights to access are protected, please email Central Maine Media Alliance Development Director and Sebasticook Valley Region Station Liaison,