The art of video production – this week’s tutorial

Filming and recording a quality music performance is one of the most challenging productions even for seasoned professionals.  Yet the aspects are similar to all productions from mic positions to camera angles to lighting. Take a look at this video and notice the mics placed to pick up each instrument, the audio is mixed so the accompanying instruments are fully present yet do not over shadow the primary performer. The lighting is such that both closeup shots of each performer and all partial and full screen shots are evenly light yet highlighting each effectively – a crucial of continuity for lighting stage, on-location, or studio sets.  The overhead camera shot on the hand drums (as seen at the 1:22 minute mark) are identical positioning as one would have on a closeup shots on a cooking show (chopping vegetables, pots on stove, etc). And the editing is wonderful, clip after clip seamlessly stitched together in time with the audio to create a beautiful video.

Riff Johnson produces this fun music video ft. Sierra Carey

We are delighted to share a glimpse at this locally produced music video.

Riff Johnson ft. Sierra Carey "All We Need to Know" Acoustic

Riff Johnson ft. Sierra Carey "All We Need to Know" Acoustic.This song is SO GOOD! Big thanks to Jerad and Sierra from The Resistance also a big thank you to Cody Hart for getting some great video and editing! I am thankful for all the amazing people in my life. Hope you all enjoy the song! Feel free to Comment and SHARE!!

Posted by Riff Johnson on Thursday, January 11, 2018

A wonderful beginning to 2018!

Members of the SVTV leadership team had a wonderful meeting yesterday just before the snowstorm arrived! Great brainstorming session with Ron Watson, Pittsfield Town Councilor Heather Donahue, and Station Liaison “Twinkle” Marie Manning as they envision all that this project can mean for our town, the Sebasticook Valley region, and Central Maine! 

Enormous gratitude to all those involved with this project.

2018 is off to a fantastic beginning!

Stay-tuned for the unveiling of the Backpack Producer!

As we begin to roll out services to the municipalities we serve, we are ever grateful for our sibling stations and collaborating experts in the media field.  Together we are putting together high quality production kits that will fit into – yes – a backpack!  Perfect for small town on-location shoots.

We are putting the finishing touches on the ensemble this month and will release details in February.

More exciting information to come soon!

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays

In the coming weeks we will be sharing more exciting news about our progress and collaborative developments. At present in Central Maine the holiday season is upon us and we are reflecting on how much we have to be grateful for, including immense gratitude for our newest member of the SVTV advisory team: Heather Donahue, representing the Town Council of Pittsfield.

May the new year shine brightly for everyone.

Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings.


Nicely produced Community-interest mini-doc from our Portland sibling station!

This video is worth taking a look at, both for

(a) the message we can learn and apply in our community in regards to how we can embrace and highlight those in our region focused on music, life, and community activism;

(b) the quality of the production – as you watch the video, notice the backlighting of this on-location recording session. The audio is clear and is edited with seamless insertion of b-roll.

**A recommendation that would enhance the video is to insert fixed lower-thirds identifying the speakers throughout the video.

PSA samples

SVTV looks forward to assisting local nonprofit organizations and businesses create image enhancing public service announcements highlighting the services they provide to their communities.  PSAs vary in length from 15-60 seconds, to mini documentaries 3 – 60 minutes. Our sibling station in Farmington offers these great examples of high quality production:

Contact our Station Liaison today to inquire on how best we can meet your production needs:


Spotlight on Seniors – an interview with Mary Ellen Crowley

Special! Spotlight on Seniors – Mary Ellen Crowley from LCTV on Vimeo.

As we look towards 2018 and the launch of community television in our region, we are eager to begin to share the videos that have been given to us by residents and organizations in our region as well as throughout Maine. 

In the meantime, both in appreciation for local enthusiasm, and to provide samples of the kinds of quality programing our station will air, we are going to begin sharing directly from sources where possible via YouTube, Vimeo, etc.  This video is one such example.  Mary Ellen Crowley is beloved in the Community Television arena especially in Maine. She is the former executive director and station manager of Lincoln County Television and among her triumphs is the creation of the “Spotlight on Seniors” television show. 

This episode features Mary Ellen as the guest. She has recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer and this interview offers a candid conversation about death and dying.

From a technical perspective, please note the clarity of the closeup shots and of the audio. From a content perspective, notice the conversational quality of the interview. The host allows the guest space to respond and speak at her own pace. The banter is friendly and warm. Viewers really appreciate interviews that are relatable. Thank you LCTV for the good work you do for community television. Thank you Steve Raymond for a beautiful, heart-felt interview. Mary Ellen, you are leaving big shoes for us all to fill. We will miss you.

Seeking Talk Show Hosts!

Seeking talk show hosts! We are excited to share that we’ve begun production for one upcoming show and are seeking a host for our second show. Ideal host will have a background in The Arts and be experienced interviewing guests on-camera. Those interested please email our Station Liaison: Be sure to include your BIO and links to YouTube or Vimeo videos of prior interviews you have done. Please do not send video attachments or .movs NOTE: This is for an in-house production. We know several community members have ideas for shows and we look forward to helping you gain the knowledge and skills you need in the coming year to bring your ideas to life.


Window Shopping!

We are “window shopping” tonight at the ACM Northeast Regional Conference and Trade Show this week in Cape Cod. Special thanks to FCTV for hosting the open house at their station to commence the event.

Looking forward to sharing with Central Maine all the important information this conference has to offer.